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Mechanic Fitting Tyre



Looking for budget and premium tyres in Port Talbot? 
Look no further than Paul's Tyres.


With over 20 years industry experience Paul's Tyres offers first class fitting service for budget and premium tyres to cars and commercial vehicles in Port Talbot.


We'll get your wheels balanced, and your tracking correctly aligned ensuring you get the best wear and the longest life on all 4 tyres.

Got a puncture, need a fast repair that lasts? Paul's team of highly skilled engineers will have you back on the road in no time.

For free no obligation quote call Paul for same day fitting & repairs.

Mechanic Changing Tyre
Wheels Out of Balance


​Tyre imbalance develops as the tread wears down and the weight distribution changes. Subjecting the tyres to excessive stress such as driving on poor roads, hard braking and cornering at speed can increase the rate of imbalance.

When the tyres on your vehicle are out-of-balance, there are several indicators:

  • Vibration at high speeds

  • Uneven wear on the tyre tread

  • ​Increase in fuel consumption

  • ​Suspension problems

If you notice these indicators, even if the tyres are new, it's possible your car has an imbalanced tyre.


Whatever you do don't fit tyres to the car just because you like the look of them. The wheels and tyres should conform to the car maker’s recommended sizes and load ratings.

If you’re replacing the tyres, they should be replaced with tyres that have the same specification, ensuring the size, load, and speed rating, match the existing tyre.

If you are upgrading your tyres you'll also need to know the Wheel Offset to prevent the tyre fouling the suspension.

If you're unsure look no further than the experts at Paul's Tyres. With 20 years of experience and know-how, leave it to us for high quality work and total piece of mind

Changing Tyres
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